PROCESS: Switch Vodka Light incorporates a modern approach to the distillation process which allows much more control over distilling than ever before. Through using the iStill distilling process with intelligent automation we’re able to produce a very high-quality vodka with a near-perfect level of consistency.

PROFILE: There are three different flavors of Switch Vodka Light, Peach Basil, Light Spirit, & Pomegranate Lemongrass. View all them here

Alcohol by Volume: 30%


I’ve tried many different vodkas throughout my life, but none are as smooth, crisp and refreshing as Switch. I would highly recommend Switch to anyone looking for a simple, clean vodka.

– Adam

American Small Batch Gin

PROCESS: Big Gin made from a high aromatic and spice botanical bill, including citruses and native herbs.  Distilled through our innovative process using both traditional methods and an extraction process.

PROFILE: Aromatic juniper and citrus with a smooth spice and a very light juniper mouth feel

Alcohol by Volume: 43.5%


distillery tour ingredients

Got to taste the Gin before the release and it was one of the best Gins that I have ever tasted, better than higher priced Gins.

– Jerry

52eighty hearthstone whiskey bottle


PROCESS: Combines new and old-world traditions that blends a three-year-old Irish Whiskey and Rye Whiskeys, bringing forth a surprisingly sweet, floral fragrance, and hints of toasted oak and vanilla.

AROMA: Light and floral fragrances with sweet notes

PALATE: Balance of spice and toasted oak with sweet vanilla for a mellow, warm finish

Alcohol by Volume: 43%


What a great new whiskey to add to my arsenal. Light and sweet. Reasonably priced and a perfect spirit for mixed drinks.

– Toby

52eighty cracklers whiskey bottle


PROCESS: Blends traditional bourbon and mellows the spice by combining traditionally aged bourbon with accelerated aged rye bourbons for a refined taste. This exceptionally smooth bourbon style whiskey hints of sweet honey and light smoke with a very mellow finish.

AROMA: Bright and crisp fragrances with notes of oak

PALATE: An exceptionally smooth finish generated by hints of caramel and oak

Alcohol by Volume: 43%


Best of Category Award
Bourbon Silver Award
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“The bourbon was so incredibly smooth… hands down my new favorite for whiskey neat.”

– Casey

52eighty summer peach vodka bottle

Summer Peach

PROCESS: Small Batch Peach Vodka extracted from 100% Organic Colorado Palisade Peaches and then re-distilled to produce an all-natural peach flavor.

PROFILE: Aromatic peach with hints of all-natural organic peach flavor in a very smooth finish vodka

Alcohol by Volume: 40%


Bronze Medal Award
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summer peach vodka bottles

“Amazing Palisade peach infused vodka. Light and crisp without the sweetness. Amazing!”

– Lori

52eighty winter wheat vodka bottle

Winter Wheat

PROCESS: Grain to bottle small batch Winter Wheat Vodka produced from Soft White Winter Wheat.

PROFILE: Aromatic soft wheat, light vanilla, with a light toasted wheat flavor in a very smooth and soft-landing vodka

Alcohol by Volume: 40%


winter wheat vodka bottles
vodka drink martini 52eighty distilling

“Try ALL the drinks out, cuz I’m telling you, these spirits are so distinct! Especially the vodkas!”

– Andrew