switch vodka light

Switch Vodka Light

State-of-the-art iStill process combined with fresh, Rocky Mountain water produces this extremely clean, crisp, light vodka.


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our story

Brothers Erick and Drew Demgen and their best friend Anthony “Lou” Pacenta grew up in Littleton, Colorado. They went to school together, played sports together, and worked together.

However their passion had always been brewing beer, creating their own spirits, and studying distillation techniques. They loved experimenting with different grains and mash bills, and researching the latest advances in distillation technology.

In 2017, 52eighty Distilling was born—a Colorado distillery founded by three friends and a pledge to use innovative distilling techniques, locally-sourced ingredients, and crisp Rocky Mountain water to produce the highest quality distilled spirits.

istill distilling

our process

52eighty Distilling brings a high level of passion to creating quality spirits by combining innovation with old-world traditions. Our Colorado distillery houses new technology such as an iStill, allowing for a more consistent, high-quality product. We take the time to test our processes and products months in advance. Only once perfected do we start production with each new batch.

Staying true to our native Colorado roots, we have partnered with Root Shoot Malting, Morton’s Orchards and other local Colorado family-owned businesses. As a result, we can ensure we use only the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients. This gives our products a pure, crisp palate. And of course, distilling with clean rocky mountain water helps!

The combination of technology, Colorado ingredients, and time-tested values result in a line of products that we at 52eighty Distilling are proud to share.